Smart Detection Camera

Tired of countless motion alerts that turn out to be false alarms? Our cutting-edge security cameras, backed by powerful AI and video analytics, offer a smarter solution. Say goodbye to the frustration of irrelevant notifications—our cameras are designed to accurately distinguish between routine activities and potential threats. No more constant checking, just peace of mind that matters.


What is smart motion detection in CCTV camera?

Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is a feature in CCTV cameras that allows you to enable detection for humans or motor vehicles with just one click through the web interface, without configuring lines. SMD has the ability to detect motion from anywhere in the scene, making it unnecessary to re-configure even if the camera is moved. With SMD, false alarms are reduced.

Do all CCTV cameras have motion detection?

Not all CCTV cameras have motion detection capabilities. However, some cameras are capable of detecting motion using a PIR motion sensor or infrared technology. Cameras that have advanced motion detection capabilities use AI algorithms to provide better detection accuracy and reduce false alarms.

What is the difference between motion sensors and motion detection camera?

Motion sensors detect any and all movement, so if an uninvited person is in your backyard, you'll know when it happens. Motion detection security cameras only record when motion is detected, saving energy and bandwidth in the process.