Security Cameras with Light & Siren Alarm

Designed to deter potential intruders, Zosi Security Cameras with Light and Siren Alarm powerful spotlights and sirens are triggered automatically, providing an additional layer of defense for your property.

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How do security cameras with light and siren work?

Security cameras with light and siren features typically use AI software to detect when a human enters the intrusion area. Upon detection, the siren and alarm light turn on. In addition to the alarm siren sound, the camera's speaker can be programmed to play a verbal audio message such as "warning, this area is under video surveillance".

What is siren camera?

A siren camera is a security camera that also features an audio alarm, which can emit a loud, prolonged sound as a signal or warning. The siren on the camera can be set to sound when motions are detected, ringing for 5 seconds after the camera detects motion.