Night Vision Security Cameras

Night vision security cameras are essential for outdoor surveillance. At Zosi, we're committed to quality. Zosi night vision security cameras capture clear video even in darkness, offering resolutions from 1080P to 4K. Choose the right signal type for your security recorder: Analog, Wifi, or PoE.


What is Night vision CCTV?

Night vision CCTV technology provides clear and effective surveillance even in low-light or no light conditions. With the ability to utilise Infra-Red and produce clear color pictures during daylight hours, these cameras offer robust and reliable 24/7 protection.

What is Night vision security camera?

Night vision security cameras, also known as Infrared or IR cameras, rely on infrared LED technology to record and view surveillance video during low light and complete darkness. Whether you choose a dome camera, bullet camera, or PTZ camera, you can rest assured that your property is monitored even in the cover of darkness, a prime time for attempted break-ins and burglaries. Motion-sensitive and equipped with real-time alerts, these cameras will notify you instantly if someone is trying to access your property without your permission. And unlike security cameras without night vision, which can't see in the dark, night vision CCTV cameras can always detect motion and send alerts to your phone - giving you the peace of mind you need to sleep soundly.

How Night vision CCTV cameras works?

There are three types of night vision technology available, each with a different working mechanism. But regardless of the specific technology, all night vision cameras have one thing in common: the ability to capture images that are invisible to the human eye. By flooding an area with invisible light that the camera lens can detect, but the human eye cannot, these cameras are able to record high-quality footage even in complete darkness. And because the light emitted by the camera is infrared, humans won't even notice it.

Why use Night Vision security cameras?

With the ability to detect motion and send real-time alerts, night vision CCTV cameras are commonly used to protect homes and businesses from potential break-ins. But their applications go far beyond security.

  • Have you ever felt frustrated by fly tippers or other antisocial behavior, which often seems to occur when you're not watching? With night vision cameras, you can gather essential evidence to stop these activities in their tracks.
  • And for nature enthusiasts, night vision cameras offer a unique opportunity to capture footage of shy or nocturnal animals around your property.
  • Plus, with the ability to capture faces and number plates, you can provide authorities with the evidence they need in the event of a crime.