How to set up recycle record on ZOSI DVR / POE NVR / Wireless NVR?

This article works for the following models of DVRs / POE NVRs / Wireless NVRs. 

4-Channel DVRs / POE NVRs / Wireless NVRs:

ZR04ZN;   ZR04ZM;   ZR04FN;   ZR04FM;   ZR04CN;   ZR04CM;   ZR04JS;   ZR04TS;   ZR04TN

ZR04RN;   ZR04RM;   ZR04EN;   ZR04EM;   

ZR04DS;   ZR04MS;  

8-Channel DVRs / POE NVRs / Wireless NVRs:

ZR08ZN;   ZR08ZM;  ZR08FN;   ZR08FM;   ZR08BN;   ZR08BM;   ZR08CN;   ZR08CM;   ZR08KS;   ZR08TN

ZR08RN;   ZR08RM;   ZR08EN;   ZR08EM;      

ZR08DS;   ZR08DP;   ZR08MS;   

16-Channel DVRs:

ZR16ZK;   ZR16JK;   ZR16BK;   ZR16CK

(You can find the model number on the label at the bottom of the DVR.)

What does recycle record mean?

It means the DVR will automatically cover the earliest video files and continue

recording when the hard drive is full.

You can go to DVR's Main Menu - Setup - Record - Recycle Record, then click the recycle record tab to enable it.


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