How to Add an IP Camera(C190,C289,C308) to ZOSI NVR System?

In fact, you can use the wireless camera (C190, C289,C308) separately.

If you want to connect the wireless camera (C190, C289,C308) to your ZR08DP wireless NVR system, you can only connect the camera to the NVR through the Ethernet cable, it does not support wireless connection to the NVR system. 

There are two important things need to be confirmed before you can add an IP camera to ZOSI NVR. 

1.The camera and NVR are connecting to the same router or network.

2. You need to confirm that your NVR version is above 1.6.4.

Now You can follow up the steps below to connect the camera to your NVR system:

1) Connect the wireless camera (C190, C89,C308)  with power adapter(12V-1A). Also, connect the camera and your NVR system to the same wireless router through Ethernet cables, so the two devices will be in LAN automatically.

2) Reset the camera by holding on the reset button for 5 seconds then you can hear crisp switch voice from the switcher inside the camera.

3) Enter NVR's IPC Channel Config to click "Search" to find the camera.


After you find the camera, please click "Add all" to add the camera.

If you directly connect the camera to the NVR through the network cable, please make sure the camera and NVR system are on the same network segment.

You can find the NVR's IP address from Main Menu > Information > Network.

Here is the video guide of how to add the IP camera to ZOSI NVR system as below. 


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