We take your privacy personally.

Our commitment


We create easy-to-use privacy settings so you’re in control. You can adjust your settings at any time to easily manage ZOSI devices with access to your account. All of your videos are stored during that period when you choose to store your videos in the ZOSI cloud. After that, your videos are automatically deleted and unrecoverable. Manually deleting videos using your ZOSI secure app or web client will also delete your videos from the ZOSI cloud.


Encryption brings a higher level of security and privacy to our services. We provide industry-leading encryption security technology to protect the data in your account such as access to new devices, creating an account, and storing your photo and video in our cloud system. And we continue to meet the ever-evolving standard to enhance the secure use of our products by you.

Data Transparency.

We support data transparency and make it easy to understand what data is collected and why. Our privacy policy outlines how we collect and use personal information as well as how we comply with applicable privacy legislation. Learn more about our privacy policy. Learn more about our privacy policy