Local Storage for Security

Harness the Power of Zosi Local Storage Security Systems

Fast Access

Local storage allows you to access recordings instantly, without the need to wait for uploads or downloads, providing real-time monitoring and playback.

Privacy Protection

Since data is stored locally, you have better control over and privacy protection for your recordings, reducing the data security risks associated with cloud storage.


Local storage typically requires lower operational costs because it doesn't involve ongoing cloud storage fees or high-bandwidth connections.

24/7 Recording, Non-Stop Protection

With a Pre-installed 2TB HDD and storage capacity of up to 8TB, the PoE video surveillance kit covers every corner of your house with up to 8 security cameras running simultaneously, so you never worry about missing a thing.

  • Up to 8 Cameras

  • Secure Local Storage

Double the Efficiency, Half the Consumption

Compared with H.264 coding, advanced H.265+ technology saves about 50% bandwidth and records 50% more storage,  and provides a longer recording time and a better viewing experience.



  • Less Storage

  • Less Bandwidth

Where Local Storage Shines


Local storage can be used in home security systems to protect your home and property.


Local storage enhances retail store security and customer behavior monitoring.


Farms can use local storage for monitoring livestock, equipment, and safeguarding agricultural assets.


Local storage reliably meets the long-term recording storage needs of warehousing facilities.


What is local storage on a security camera?

Local storage refers to saving the recorded footage from your security cameras directly onto a physical storage device like an SD card, hard drive, or network-attached storage (NAS) system. The data is stored within your property, giving you full control over its accessibility and management.

Is local storage safer than cloud?

Local storage may be the better option to ensure your data is secure and physically controlled. Conversely, cloud storage could be more convenient and cost-effective if your data isn't sensitive or there are no regulatory limits on third-party providers.

How long does CCTV camera local storage take?

A CCTV camera consumes a lot of bandwidth and storage space. Most storage devices come with a 1TB hard disk (Zosi 4K PoE Local Storage Security Systems come with 4TB HDD). Moreover, the CCTV camera local storage requirement can change according to individual and business requirements. Generally, security camera footage lasts from three months to one year based on cases.

How much storage does a security camera need?

CCTV storage varies broadly between the range of 6GB and 6TB. While 6GB - 60GB works well in the case of motion-based and low-resolution cameras, those with recording at higher resolution require 600GB - 6TB.

How do I add more storage to NVR?

For Recorders: Open up the top plate of your DVR or NVR. Disconnect the original hard drive from the SATA power and unscrew it. Replace or add secondary hard drive, secure screws, and connect SATA power.

How many days of recording on 1TB?

Here are the recording durations for a 1TB HDD based on the number of recording channels:
4 channels: Nineteen days of recording.
8 channels: Ten days of recording.
16 channels: Eight days of recording.
Please note that the actual recording time may vary depending on your settings. Results may differ. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.