4K Security Camera & System

4K Security Camera - Professional 4K surveillance

Discover the pinnacle of surveillance technology with ZOSI's 4K Security Cameras. Our professional 8MP image sensors deliver unmatched video clarity, providing up to 80ft of facial detail during the day. With enhanced low-light performance and smart motion detection, Zosi 4K cameras ensure precision and minimize false alerts. Experience Ultra HD resolution, precise digital zoom, and efficient H.265 video encoding. Elevate your security with Zosi 4K cameras — the epitome of advanced surveillance. Explore Zosi range for a complete 4K security camera system.


  • Is 4K worth it for security cameras?

    4K CCTV cameras are worth the investment for areas where high detail is crucial, such as monitoring entrances, cash registers, or large spaces. They offer superior image quality and the ability to capture more detail with fewer cameras.

  • How much bandwidth does a 4K security camera use?

    For best performance using H. 265 encoding, you should have 2 Mbps upload for each 1080P 30 FPS camera or 4 Mbps for each 4K 20 FPS Camera Main Stream.

  • Is a 4K monitor TV required for 4K security systems?

    It is recommended to use a 4K monitor/TV for your 4K security camera systems to avoid possible compatibility issues. Using a less advanced monitor will likely affect the resolution of the images.