NVR Operation – Setup > Alarm > Other Alarm

Set up alarms in the event of other errors occurring with your NVR.


  1. Alarm Type: Select the error you wish to configure for. The options are:
    1.  Disk Full – Receive alerts if your NVR’s HDD is full.
    2.  IP Conflict – Receive alerts if there is another WiFi device causing a conflict due to having the same IP address as a camera or the NVR.
    3.  Disconnect – Receive alerts if the NVR loses connection to the internet.
    4.  Disk Attenuation War – Receive alerts if the NVR’s HDD is not formatted properly.
    5.  Disk Loss – Receive alerts of the NVR is no longer able to detect the HDD
  2. Buzzer: Select whether you want a buzzer alarm to sound from the NVR when motion is detected during the determined times.
  3. Show Full Screen: Select whether a specific channel appears on your monitor when this motion sensor has been triggered
  4. To Alarm Out: This feature is not supported by this device.
  5. Email: Select whether an an email alert is sent when the motion sensor has been triggered. Configure Email settings in the Network > Email screen.

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