NVR Operation – Playback

The Playback menu allows you to view the video segment that is currently being recorded. It is useful for viewing the previous half hour of footage immediately. To access the Playback menu, right click on the Live View screen to bring up the Quick Menu. Select the Playback option.

If you are unable to view the entire Playback bar, you may have Overscan enabled. Disable the Overscan feature in your television’s display options to view the whole Playback bar. 

There are several options available on the Playback bar.

On the top row, from left to right, you’ll find:

  1. Play/Pause

2. Stop

3. View Previous Frame

4. View Next Frame

5. Fast Forward – Up to 16x

6. Rewind

7. Single Screen View

8. Multi Screen View

10. Mute

11. Minimize Menu – Right click to bring the menu back.

12. Close Menu – Select this option to return to the previous screen.

13. Move Menu – Click and drag to move the playback bar.

On the middle row, from left to right, you’ll find:

  1. Previous Video – View the previously recorded video file. Video files are recorded in 30 minute segments.

2. Time Bar – Click and drag to quickly change times

3. Next Video – View the next video file.

You’ll find Start Time and End Time information on the bottom row, as well as the current speed you’re viewing the video at.

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