DVR Operation - Playing Back Recorded Video

The Playback menu allows you to view the video segment that is currently being recorded. It is useful for viewing the previous half hour of footage immediately.

To access the Playback menu, right click on the Live View screen to bring up the Quick Menu. Select the Playback option.

Video Playback: Search for the video you want by time or event, then click Play.

Step: Right-click, Choose ‘’Main Menu’’ - ‘’Search’’, then you can search for the video you want by time or event, then click Play.

Quick Playback: Quickly playback the first 30 minutes of video.

Playback bar

On the top row, from left to right, you’ll find:

Previous Video: Go to the previous recorded event.
Next Video: Go to the next recorded event.
Fast Forward: The video can be played at different speeds, from 1/4x to 16x.
Rewind: The video can be played at 1x, 8x, 16x, and 32x speed for rewind viewing.
Display Mode: Both single-screen and multi-screen display modes are available.You can choose the number of screens you want to play simultaneously. Channels without recordings will display a black screen during playback.


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