How To Register a Zosi Smart Account

In order to view your cameras from your mobile device, you will require your own Zosi Smart account. Please follow the steps below and create yours today!

Scan the QR code below to download the Zosi Smart App.

Note: Please login to your email before registering your account, so you’re able to get the Validation code.

1. Open the App on your mobile device, and select the Register option at the bottom of the page.

2. Click Register.

3. Input your email in the “Enter Email Address” field, and then select the “Get Validation Code” option. Your unique validation code will be sent to your email within 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4. Enter the Validation code in the available field to verify your email.

5. Enter and confirm a password of your choice in the available field.

6. Select “Register” to set the account password and complete the registration process.

Congratulations, you have registered your Zosi Smart account.

You will use your email address and selected password to login to your Zosi Smart account.

Please be aware that this is the only time you will use this username and password combination. It is not associated with the DVR’s login.

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