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This section helps you set up email notifications. Information may be required from your internet and/or email service provider.


  1. SMTP Server: Please confirm SMTP server with your email service provider.
  2. Port: Your mail service port number. This is dependent on your email service provider.
  3. SSL Check: Provides a secure login. The default is set to enable SSL Check.
  4. Send Address: Your email account from your provider
  5. Password: The password used to access your email account.
  6. Receive Address: When an email alert is triggered, your Zosi DVR will send emails to these specified addresses. Please be advised that there is a maximum of three email addresses.
  7. Test: Use this button to test your settings, and ensure that email notification is set up.

How To Set Up Email Notifications

To set up email notifications you must have an email address. We recommend using a Gmail address, as they are free to set up.

  1. The SMTP Server for Google is: / The SMTP Server for Yahoo is 
  2. The Port is: 465 or 587
  3. The SSL Check is: Enabled
  4. The Send Address is your email address
  5. The Password is your email password
  6. Please input up to three emails that will receive alerts.
  7. Test your settings.
  8. If successful, you will see the following message:

Please be aware that a normal recording schedule will overwrite any motion detection scheduling, and that any e-mail alerts must be manually enabled.

If you do not want to input your personal email address, you can easily create a new email through Google, specifically to monitor your DVR alerts. Input the new email as the Send Address and your normal email into one of the Receive Address fields.   

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