DVR Operation – Live > Video Masking

A video mask is used to exclude sensitive parts from your camera’s vision. This can be helpful in preventing false alerts from the motion sensor (eg. trees blowing in the wind or cars driving in the street). Follow the steps below to learn how to set up a Video Mask.

  1. Channel List: List of available channels.
  2. Setting: Select to set a Video Mask for this channel.

How to Set Up A Video Mask

To set up a video mask, first select the “Setting” option for the channel you’d like to mask. Once selected, you’ll be taken to the Live View for this channel, where you will be able to create the video mask.

Click and hold the left-mouse button and drag over the area you want to mask. A white box will appear over the area you’re masking. Once you’ve masked your chosen area, right click to return to the Video Masking menu. Click “Apply” to save your changes.

You will now see a black box over the area you’ve masked when you view either the Live View, or any recordings from this channel, from the point you set up the video mask. This will not affect previous recordings.

If you want to remove the mask you’ve created, select the “Default” option at the bottom of the Video Masking options screen, followed by “Apply”. 

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