DVR Installation - Connecting the Cameras to the DVR


1. Unravel the Camera Cable and separate the two ends. Each end should contain one BLUE video connection and one RED power connection.

2. Locate the end with the red power connection with the Male connector and connect it to the red power connection on the camera.

3. Take the blue video connection from the camera cable and connect it to the blue video connection attached to the camera.
Your Zosi cameras feature a security lock on the blue video connection which will lock the cables in place ensuring a safe and constant connection.


Line up the pin, push in and turn clockwise.

4. Take the red power connection from the camera cable, and attach it to the red power connection attached to the camera.

5. Take the remaining blue video connection connect it to the back of the DVR under the desired channel.

    Don’t forget to use the security lock. Line up the pin, push in and turn clockwise.

6. Take the red power connection attached to that same cable, and connect it to one of the ends of the 4-to-1 Power Splitter.

7. Connect the other end of the 4-to-1 Power Splitter to the Camera Power Adapter.

8. Repeat Steps 1-7 for any additional cameras.

9. Once all cameras are connected, connect the Camera Power Adapter to a surge protector or power outlet.

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